Love to sing? The rise of the CMC - and why your mic may not be what it seems.

Love to sing? The rise of the CMC - and why your mic may not be what it seems.

Everybody likes to be heard. And some people need to be heard singing... If this is you, our condolences for those listening. Unless you sound amazing of course... and what helps you achieve that? Well, singing into something good helps -- like one of these. Or two.

The Chinese Manufacturing Conundrum (CMC)

Sadly, we've all seen crap mics, or heard them. Thanks China. In fairness, although China is more than capable of the best manufacturing in the world, from our extensive research (meaning a guy said a thing, and we said 'sounds reasonable', which may in fact be the way all belief about anything is generated) it appears that many Chinese manufacturers simply copy an original design. Yes, everybody knows that. But it may surprise you what oftentimes comes next which is something akin to this: "What can we remove and still make it work?"

Yes, unbelievable, and evidently also true. Not in every case. But in enough cases to make us look further, and test things before bringing them to market. This is why we go to so much effort to procure the best mics for the price. Because we know that the cheapest price is a surefire way to provide substandard results, but we also know that you don't have to spend the most money to get a great result. So our premise has become our promise: to provide outstanding value, which, to our way of thinking, is: premium quality, without the price tag. 

Gold Standard Microphones

Enter our new microphones, painstakingly selected from amongst the best made, purchased in eye-watering quantities to keep manufacturing costs to a minimum, and shipped slowly, to avoid the price rocketing -- along with your wallet's unexpected accompanying weight loss. We call this Gold Standard. 

Logitech-compatible, Selling Out Soon's microphones work with nearly every singing game imaginable. Although some mics use proprietary technology, the overwhelming majority use the Logitech standard, developed in Switzerland, in cahoots with several of the world's leading videogame developers. That's why you can't just buy any mic and expect it to work. 

Why doesn't my current mic work properly - doesn't it just need to be USB?

As you've likely already found out, being USB is clearly not enough. But even if it is made for videogame consoles,  the CMC outlined above may be the reason why your supposedly compatible mic is likely not working as it should. 

Of course, the first thing you should do if you're having technical trouble and need help:

  1. Update your system with the latest system update from your console manufacturer (or read the manual!). For those doing this for the first time, this means going online from your console itself, not on a computer. 
  2. Please note: to perform an update, your video game console will nearly always need to be connected to a broadband internet connection.
  3. If you're still unable to use your mic, or your game won't recognise it, consult your game manual for details, or contact your console manufacturer or the game publisher for help, which is nearly always free.
  4. If it works vaguely, and you've done all of the above, yet it still provides terrible sound, then replace it with one of our Logitech compatible mics, and then sing your heart out!

See our amazing new microphones for your video game console

19th Jan 2022 Selling Out Soon (Australia)

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