Authorised Australian Voigtlander Stock

You'll get Voigtlander's official Australian stock, so you're assured of genuine Voigtlander product, complete with Triple Standard Warranty (3 full years). This is genuine Voigtlander Australian 3 Years Warranty from Sydney too, so no nasty surprises. Get a better deal on some serious quality glass, loved and lauded by some of the top pro photographers in the world, at a fraction of the price of Leica. Rely on Selling Out Soon for quality equipment for imaging professionals and enthusiasts. To comply with our vendor agreement, we ship Voigtlander items to Australia and New Zealand only.

Buyer's Tip: We have been very active in this category, and Selling Out Soon completely sells out of entire categories from time to time. If this is the case please be patient, as we endeavour to plan months in advance, so if we've sold out, hang in there...because another great lens deal is likely just around the corner -- and if history's our teacher, then it will be worth the wait!