Electric Skateboards

Electric Skateboards

Express your Freedom! Selling Out Soon believes in helping you express your freedom through the exhilaration of electric skateboarding. It's always been fun, but too often relegated to the youngest and most flexible among us, because to gain any real excitement, you'd have to perform increasingly extreme actions (downhill, rails, ramps. bowls, half-pipes) to use gravity and work to maintain the original rush.

Thankfully, no more. With the advent of esk8 (electric skateboarding). this has completely changed, opening the way for older riders, people with mobility challenges, and those who believe hills must submit to mankind!

This means less work - and more fun - in fact much more fun!

Adding surprisingly spirited acceleration, regenerative braking (which extends battery range) and other technological advancements not only increases enjoyment immensely, but changes the dynamics of riding completely. And with Australian hybrid boards designed to go off-road in Australian conditions, another element of our enviable Aussie lifestyle comes into play. 

So let's focus on that. Play. When's the last time you played outside. and didn't have to walk up the hills?

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