Official Australian Sirui Stock

Because Selling Out Soon is authorised to sell this official Australian Sirui stock, you're getting the real Sirui product here. Be absolutely sure of the true Sirui experience. 

Better, local 6 year warranty

You'll also have the peace of mind of Sirui's full 6 year Australian warranty, so in the odd event of any technical or fault issues, you won't have to worry about being held to ransom by an unknown overseas vendor who requires you to ship it half way across the world, only to find out they don't hold spare parts onsite, and you may be without your equipment for months


Selling Out Soon does things differently to camera stores, but good-different: 

We provide old-fashioned service, but with high-tech distribution. We hope you won't have to experience the difference of official Sirui Australian warranty from Selling Out Soon, but if you do, you'll be glad you did, because it is warranty that actually means something. Enjoy the comfort and immediacy of absolutely first class help right here, right now, in Sydney, Australia.

Buyer's Tip: 

We are very active in this category, and Selling Out Soon completely sells out of Sirui from time to time. If this is the case please be patient, as the factory operates to a strict production schedule planned months in advance, so if we've sold out, hang in there...because your best deal on Sirui is likely just around the corner -- and it's worth the wait!

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