Coupon Codes: how to apply

Coupon codes can be applied easily in a little box at the bottom of the shopping cart, as shown in the image. While it may look slightly different in your browser, it will be very similar to below: 

Your shopping cart

Can I apply more than one code (stack codes)?

You can apply one code to your shopping cart at a time. If you want to use more than one code (where allowable) buy something else and apply your other code on that order. 

What if I don't have a code, but want a coupon code?

If you don't have a coupon code, either sign up to Secret Deals on the side tab of the home page, which looks something like this (desktop only, may not apply to mobile devices):

See tab on right hand side of screen!

Or just get onto our mailing list and the signup page (below) looks a little somethin' like this

Signup for Secret Deals!

So get onto it, because we'd love to include you with special coupon codes for upcoming deals!

Remember, there are several deals you can choose from, but whatever you choose, make sure you're also on Secret Deals -- because it has mostly unadvertised deals ( immediate, limited stock, and hot! )

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