Who's ready to get their groove on? It'll be a SMURFTASTIC Night of Dancing Fun!

Who's ready to get their groove on? It'll be a SMURFTASTIC Night of Dancing Fun!


The Smurfs Dance Party is a fun and entertaining video game that is available for the Nintendo Wii gaming console, and also works on Wii U. This game is based on the classic cartoon series and features all of the beloved characters from the show. Players can join in the Smurfs’ party and dance to their favourite Smurf songs. The game is suitable for all ages, so both children and adults can have a blast playing this game.


The Smurfs Dance Party is a rhythm-based game that incorporates both dancing and mini-games. Players will be able to choose from one of their favourite Smurfs to be their dance partner. As the Smurfs dance, they will have to keep up with the beat of the music in order to score points. Players will also be able to compete against their friends and family in multiplayer mode.


In addition to the dancing, the game also features a variety of mini-games for players to enjoy. These mini-games are based on the classic cartoon series and have players competing in a variety of activities such as memory games, treasure hunts and more. 

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