Retail buyers (orders under $2000):

We are unable to offer pickups for retail buyers because while our online service centre is on Sydney's North Shore, our products are sent from multiple warehouses. Our items are not drop-shipped from suppliers, we actually own them, which is why retail stores (and drop-ship online stores) are often unable to supply, yet we are magically in-stock nearly all of the time. It is possible that we sell out and the system hasn't quite caught up yet, but if this happens, then the item is likely gone forever. Which is yet another reason you should get in as early as you can for the item you want.  


More commitment

We think being in-stock all the time, and providing super-fast shipping options is simply the best way to do business, yet not enough online sellers do it. To achieve our commitment to you, we rely on our highly efficient delivery network, designed to meet your needs, whether you want items sent free, or super-fast at a fair price.


Wholesale buyers (orders over $2000):

If you are making a bulk purchase, we may allow pickup under certain circumstances, by prior arrangement. Pickup via courier only, at applicable warehouse, not service centre. Minimum pickup order $2,000 ex GST or 2 pallets. Because of our logistical processes, direct delivery is far more efficient than pickup. Subject to the above, if you still must pick up, please get in touch below with the details of your request.