Microphone: Logitech-compatible USB Mic for Singing Games PS4 PS3 Wii Xbox 360

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  • Microphone: Logitech-compatible USB Mic for Singing Games PS4 PS3 Wii Xbox 360
  • Microphone: Logitech-compatible USB Mic for Singing Games PS4 PS3 Wii Xbox 360
  • Microphone: Logitech-compatible USB Mic for Singing Games PS4 PS3 Wii Xbox 360
  • Microphone: Logitech-compatible USB Mic for Singing Games PS4 PS3 Wii Xbox 360
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2 x (New) Logitech compatible mics for PS3 Wii Xbox 360 PS2 USB karaoke computer microphone

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Brand New & Aussie Logitech-Compatible USB Microphone
  • BRAND NEW & GENUINE AUSTRALIAN stock, 100% compatible with the only mics authorised by game console manufacturers ( Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony )
  • Get PRIORITY EXPRESS service daily from Sydney, or low-priced off-peak shipping worldwide (items are sent Monday to Friday)
  • Official version for Australia, but works in all regions worldwide. We only sell authentic Australian stock.


We get it right the first time in the interest of serving you better

Make this an even better gift: Combine shipping to get the best singing games sent with your order!

Genuine Aussie stock

Packed by professionals in our own clean facility in Sydney, Australia

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Enjoy your Wii / PS2 / PS3 / PS4 / Xbox 360 singing games using these high quality Logitech-compatible microphones.


Now in stock for immediate dispatch from Sydney, our excellent mics are the perfect companion for the U-Sing karaoke games for the Wii – the first Wii karaoke game where up to 4 players can play together. But that's not all...


Our microphones work with ALL of the best singing games on Wii, PS2, PS3, PS4, and XBOX360 such as: U-Sing Girls Night, U-Sing 2: Australian Edition, We Sing, We Sing Encore, We Sing Robbie Williams, Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Grease, Disney's Sing It, Karaoke Revolution, SingStar, X-Factor, Boogie etc. Lips for Xbox 360 has proprietary mics, but every other game ever tested works perfectly.

Buyers please note: Logitech is the only brand that is recognised, endorsed and recommended by first-party game manufacturers for use in their own games (such as Nintendo). And we go to extraordinary lengths to ensure complete compatibility. So don't get stuck with the cheapest Chinese mics (which often look exactly the same) when we have made our fully compatible mics so affordable.

Game Update: U-Sing - the most fun singing game - is multi-player so the whole family can play. Available now, in an Australian Edition and 'Girls Night' exclusively featuring today's best female pop stars and Rock get ready to unleash your inner popstar!

Update Your Console: You may need to update your firmware on your console for the mics to work properly. This is a normal requirement (especially for Sony) for use with any mics, because of software updates that need to occur from time to time. This will require an internet connection, and this is the sole responsibility of the buyer. In the odd event you're having trouble we have a workaround we can give you to show you how to do it, or who to contact for free support. We recommend NEVER to pay for support when free support is available from your console manufacturer, and many game Vendors / publishers.

Please note: all our items are carefully curated and are supplied through authorised distribution channels -- exactly what major retailers sell, but without the retail price tag. Pictures indicative only. Stock is OEM where applicable, and always exactly as described, and from our own clean facility in Sydney. We only sell Australian stock because we think you deserve quality products, and genuine local service. We're supporting you with amazing prices on genuine items. Join us in our quest for better prices on the best products.


Actual feedback from other buyers of our mics and our award-winning U-Sing multi-player singing games

Actual feedback for our genuine Logitech mics and Singing games from other buyers

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