What does Selling Out Soon do? (our raison d'etre)

Selling Out Soon finds worthwhile yet endangered products, hand-picked and offered for one last moment, before they stop existing forever. 

We focus exclusively on items that will be hard to get in the near future, seeking to give buyers another chance to get them before they're gone for the rest of time - as we know it. We exist to create opportunity amongst buyers for stock most likely to be at risk of becoming permanently unavailable.

Are these items used or new?

Brand new, all the time, most often better than new, unless we tell you otherwise. You can rely on us to be extremely clear about the condition of the item you're buying. Because we focus on the cross-section between what's both selling out soon and what is desirable, the age of stock can vary from quite recent, through to older stock, some of which is very rare and highly desirable. 

Please note: what is desirable may mean different things to different people, and we're cool with that. So if you're into Furry Rainbow: Friends of The Unicorn, or Chronic Arse-Slayer of Dementure, sift through and find something you like. Wait, that was fun. How about: Ball Slingers: Nuts in Space, or Harry Buttcrack and the Giant Candy Cane of Wrath. OK, time to stop :)

Importantly -- especially when there are several options available to buy the same item -- we are careful to spell out the difference as completely as possible, in the interest of serving you better. We know how important it is for everyone to be well-informed so you know exactly what you'll get.

Our Improvement Ethic

You'll also notice that we make small but significant changes over time, in an effort to improve how things are done. This means you'll see new ways of showing information on this site, in an effort to make things as easy to understand as possible. If you have ideas about how we can get better results for people just like you, please contact us because we're listening...

Do I get warranty?

Yes. Because our items are authorised, everything we sell is covered by the manufacturer's warranty, the same as if you bought the same item in a major retail store. Australia has very specific laws about warranty. You can read about laws relating to warranty and fair trading at the Department of Fair Trading website. Here at Selling Out Soon we may offer more than we're required to by law, in the interest of serving you better.

Are games the Australian version?

Yes. Unless we specifically say so. And even if they aren't, they're absolutely 100% compatible, but read below about DLC (downloadable content).

Hang on, are these really Australian version?
(Or are they just PAL ones from some other territory, that work in Australia? And does it really matter?)

Good question. Some people don't care, or don't know the difference, but usually people who ask this question do care, and so we feel it is necessary to give you a complete answer.

Nearly all of our items are the official Australian version. We're proud to offer some rather competitive prices for Aussie stock! And when we say Australian, we actually mean officially distributed product, with an Aussie barcode and slick, not an import. If we tell you it's an import, it will most likely be a European version or at the very least a version which will work on devices which are officially sold in Australia. Our games are always the correct version for use on Australian (PAL) consoles.

  • Australian Version means: actually Australian, with Aussie barcode and slick (paper in plastic sleeve of box). 
  • PAL (or 100% Aussie compatible) means just that. Read below for details.

DLC: Australian items which have DLC (downloadable content) will not have any issues if the server that determines and/or administers such content is region-controlled. They usually are, and some players get justifiably annoyed if they cannot use the DLC if they are supplied with an overseas game, passed off as an "Australian version" in which case it is compatible but region-control may prevent them from downloading the content. So we make sure we don't do that. So if we say Australian Version, you can be sure it actually is. If we say PAL (Euro, but 100% Aussie compatible) this means the game will work on an Australian console but you may miss out on region-controlled DLC, unless you're clever enough to use a non-local VPN or some other way of obfuscating the region control.  

Is there always an Australian version of every game?

No. If there isn't or for some other reason, we will supply a PAL version, with PAL (Euro, but 100% Aussie compatible) as part of the description.

If there is no DLC, then what's the difference?

For most people, nothing. For collectors, perhaps a little more, or perhaps everything!
Do game manufacturers always factory-seal their games?

No, although this is often misunderstood. It differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. We supply games sealed if we receive them that way, or in some instances, if we manufacture them that way. If we manufacture games, they will be either built specifically for us, or made under licence for us, and in these cases we will determine if the game is to be factory-sealed (shrink-wrapped) or not. In any case, all our items are brand new. We have no access to anything else.

Are all items from Selling Out Soon original?

Yes. We only sell genuine items.

Is pickup available?

For wholesale customers, by prior arrangement. Pickup via courier only, at applicable warehouse, not service centre. Minimum order $2,000 or 2 pallets and you'll need your own public liability insurance and an up to date certificate of currency to apply for pickup rights. However, because we are set up for direct delivery, this is by far the most efficient method, and it's often free. Subject to the above, if you still prefer to pick up, please get in touch.

Why can't I find the item you're selling anywhere else? 

Most likely because it is selling out soon! We put a lot of effort into finding out what is most likely to sell out, and while we by no means sell every title and/or item available, we aim to make as many people as we can happy that they've found us.

How do we choose our products? (Why it's no longer only video games and collectibles)

This is a very simple question with an increasingly complex answer. Not because it is intrinsically complex, but because people vary, our customers are widespread, that creates further complexity, and we respect that. So we aim to hold true to certain big ideas. Generally, our products will be the conflation (embodiment of a cross-section of intent) of three main ideals:

(1) Well-regarded Brands harking anywhere from niche manufacturers through to industrial behemoths, whereby we can provide some sort of advantage to buyers, often price, but at other times just having the product at all is a major benefit, especially if without Selling Out Soon the product won't exist.

(2) Outliers: Products that are either rare already, are becoming rarer, and/or are likely to be at risk of becoming permanently unavailable. These could have been of varying availability but no longer, or super-niche items with a tiny production run for Australia, earmarked by collectors as seriously collectibleOr other rare items: (examples may include a mass-market, yet rare version of a game title, a rare Franchised title with precious little stock in circulation, an amazing niche studio game which unexpectedly achieves critical acclaim but the Australian version is nowhere to be found.

(3) Items we love: (the Hitler Shaving Soap didn't go down too well, conversely the Pamela Anderson Robot did go down too well, hence both products didn't make it). But the easiest way to livestream your gameplay to Twitch and upload to YouTube did. And sometimes we come across spectacular items, like a super-smooth pan/tilt head we like so much we buy all of them, and then increase the range, because it improves your photography by such a large margin that it's not worth taking photos without it.

Some things can't easily be avoided -- we're glad about that. But we still blame it on The Force.

Other things remind you of your childhood, and who doesn't want a chance to experience life 'back in the day'?

And then for no apparent reason -- magic happens -- we miraculously came across a very rare First Edition misspelled collector's item (expected to skyrocket in value over time), an excellent range of clever European creative software with exclusive in-box-bonuses, that has won 200+ industry awards but isn't available at retail in Australia, or possibly even the worst game made in recent history with a surprising twist, available nowhere new, except at Selling Out Soon of course. 

What are we doing next?

If you'd like to know what we're doing next, click here to find out