The Crew (Xbox 360) Australian Version

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  • The Crew (Xbox 360) Australian Version
  • The Crew (Xbox 360) Australian Version
  • The Crew (Xbox 360) Australian Version
  • The Crew (Xbox 360) Australian Version
  • The Crew (Xbox 360) Australian Version
  • The Crew (Xbox 360) Australian Version
  • The Crew (Xbox 360) Australian Version
  • The Crew (Xbox 360) Australian Version
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  • Brand new and factory-sealed 
  • Authentic Australian stock
  • Genuine Day One Release with both Y-fold factory-seal and Microsoft seal 
  • Original retail packaging, with official Australian warranty, valid worldwide
  • Online Only, Hard Drive required
  • This Australian PAL version is made for Australia, and works in NZ, UK and other PAL territories only
  • Delivered from Sydney
Game Overview:

The Crew is a revolutionary action-driving game. 

With exploration, customisation, and a wide, connected experience, The Crew redefines what you know about driving games and takes you on a relentless ride all throughout the United States. Seamlessly jump in and out of a massive network of fellow drivers, and build your crew of friends to take on heart-stopping missions throughout metropolitans and natural environments all across America. Customisation is the key to success, though, and an extensive tuning system will prepare your ride for any terrain that lies ahead of you.  

Drive fast, drive everywhere, but... 



  • The most varied driving experience of all time
    Take part in a relentless ride to move up the ranks of the 510s, a gang grown around Detroit’s illegal street racing scene – making a rep for yourself on the underground-racing scene and ultimately taking down their activities all across the United States. Manoeuvre through the bustling streets of New York City to lose the cops, cruise down sunny Miami Beach or trek through the breathtaking plateaus of Monument Valley. Each locale comes with its own set of surprises and driving challenges to master. On your journey you will encounter other players on the road – all potentially worthy companions to crew up with, or future rivals to compete against.

  • Never drive alone
    Join a living, breathing world of car enthusiasts, where you always have someone next to you, ready to take on new challenges with or against you. Seamlessly jump in and out of each other’s games at any time, joining forces to overcome the toughest challenges: take down a rival faction driver on Las Vegas Strip, escape the police patrols across downtown Chicago, or confront an opponent crew on Florida’s beachfront highways. Make new encounters, cooperate with your friends and beat their achievements when they’re gone. Build your crew of four drivers and take in a thrilling ride through the entire USA.

  • Live all the Adventures of Driving
    The entire Unites States is your driving playground, covering thousands of square miles. Discover what freedom truly means, without any barriers to restrict your car to the road, in a world of unprecedented scope and loaded with exciting challenges. Crush rival crews in illegal street races in Detroit, chase down that last Colorado collectible in the snowy mountain peaks of Aspen, beat everyone on the racing track, or run after a target in the water drains of Los Angeles.

  • Prepare for the next job
    Earn new vehicles as you progress and customise them according to your style and driving preferences.


Media Release:

"The Crew is an all new next-gen racing game co-developed by Ivory Tower and Ubisoft Reflections. Be involved in a relentless race across United States. Drive through the busy streets of New York City, cruise down the shore of Miami beach or trek through breathtaking Monument Valley plateaus. Make the USA a driving playground! Missions can be played alone, with friends or in co-op matches. Join other car enthusiasts to take on new challenges with or against you. Build a crew and take them on a thrilling ride through the entire USA to overcome the toughest challenges ever. Dominate rival crews in illegal street races. The Crew is exclusively developed for the next generation of consoles. The game offers a massive open world version of the entire USA, with amazing graphics and full details. A driving world filled with life, challenges and activities that can make players tuned in for more. Players can earn new cars and customize them, according to their unique style and driving preferences. Car enthusiasts can collect cosmetic and performance parts along the way – stickers, rims, liveries, skirts, bumpers, wings and hoods. The Crew will take you to another level of racing with a lot of collaboration and competing."


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Warranty Information

Full Australian manufacturer's warranty, valid worldwide.
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