SunwayFoto SOS Custom Pano Kit

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SunwayFoto Custom Pano Kit (Valued at $650)

Specially conceived (by the IT department : "A talented young go-getter, a genius, and an Irishman.") for creating any type of panorama photographs from single to multi row. This kits includes all you need start and grow. 

Perfect for mirrorless and Compact DSLRs with short zoom lenses or primes. Not suitable for use with heavy PRO DSLRs and lenses. 

Kit Includes:
SunwayFoto IRC-64 Panoramic Indexing Rotator Panning Clamp
SunwayFoto DPG-210 Multi-Purpose Rail

SunwayFoto DMC-200 DMC-200 Vertical Rail with Screw-knob Clamp
SunwayFoto PC-4 Precision Panning Clamp
SunwayFoto DMP-200 Multi-Purpose Rail Nodal Slide with Screw-knob Clamp
SunwayFoto Thread Adapter - 1/4" to 3/8"

Total weight = 1 kg




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