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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier Collectors Edition (PS3) Very Rare Australian Version

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In the escalating political climate of the near future - where strategies on the battlefield must be delicately balanced with manoeuvres at the negotiating table - a new breed of soldier has arisen.

The Collector's Edition includes:

  • Ghost Recon Future Soldier game.

  • Limited Edition outer packaging - a landscape box big enough to fit all this cool stuff inside.

  • Embossed Steelbook case.

  • Compressed pack t-shirt - A t-shirt packed into a "Ghost skull" shape.

  • Hardcover artbook - A book featuring exclusive concept and render artwork from the making of Ghost Recon Future Soldier.

  • Ghost Recon Alpha - The amazing live action movie on DVD.

  • Lithographs - Artwork cards of the iconic Ghosts.

  • Two exclusive unlockable content codes:

            - ULC #1 - M40 A5: Only available for Ghost Scout. The M40 sniper rifle is the weapon of choice for US Marine Corps snipers. This version is modernised with upgraded optics, and the Augmented Reality system used by the Ghosts. EXTRA EQUIPMENT: Unlock one additional equipment in your progression tree for more variety in your arsenal.

            - ULC #2 - MN 91/30. Only available for Bodark Scout. This modernised sniper offers increased manoeuvrability, a magnified optic, and integration of the Virtual AR system. EXTRA EQUIPMENT: Unlock one additional equipment in your progression tree for more variety in your arsenal.
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Warranty Information

Manufacturer's warranty, valid worldwide. This item is certified (PAL) complying with relevant Australian legislation for use in Australia. Picture indicative only, final artwork may be subject to change. Item supplied brand new and factory-sealed. This PAL version is for use within PAL territories (UK/AU/NZ) but works worldwide including USA/Canada. DLC if any will be Australian version.
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