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SunwayFoto DMP-100R Multi-Purpose Rail Nodal Slide with Screw-knob Clamp

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SunwayFoto DMP-100R Multi-Purpose Rail Nodal Slide with Screw-knob Clamp

CNC machined from light weight aircraft-grade aluminum, stain anodized surface finish for better abrasion and corrosion resistant.

Compatible with all Arca-Swiss style plates. It is widely used for fish-eye-lens and wide-angle lens.
The most important function of this product is accurately find nodal point for panoramic photography.
For close-up photography, slide the camera in and out without moving the tripod.

Product Features:

Safety stop relief grooves for protecting your camera from accident drops.
Two safety stop mounting holes on the back of the plate for the safety stop screws included in the kit.

Model: DMP-100R Plate Length: 100mm
Whole Lenght: 125mm
Width: 39mm
Thickness: 10mm
Net Weight: 115g
Mounting Hole: 1/4"-20

Clamp: Arca compatible with Screw-Knob


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