Sorcery Saga Curse of the Great Curry God (Vita) Rare Australian Version

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  • Brand new and factory-sealed (First Edition, Y-fold)
  • Rare Australian PAL Version (Official AU homologation) 
  • Highly collectable (authenticated Australian First Edition Press PCSB00429 with UPC 5060102954088) with original Australian slick & box, and no unsightly OFLC compliance stickers.
  • Gameplay requires PS Vita Requires memory card sold separately
  • Delivered from Sydney


Your PS Vita console is region free, so this game will play in any region you are in. The game cards are region-encoded but not region-restricted. The DLC & online passes are region-encoded and region-restricted. The restrictions are based on your account's region, the console itself is region-free

Game Overview


Get ready for an exciting adventure full of thrills and all the curry you can eat! Enjoy a perfect mix of ingredients – dungeon-crawling action,  hilarious storytelling, cute characters and everything you would expect from a top-rated JRPG with Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God!


To graduate from the magic academy, Pupuru has to retrieve the Madokyuu from the Mado Tower. However, instead of the relic, she finds a book full of curry recipes inside and releases Ku-chan, a strange creature. For this, she is suspended from school. However, she isn't the type to mope around and since a curry restaurant near the school is facing a crisis, she decides to use the recipes in the book to create Mado-Curry to save the restaurant, and for that, she needs four legendary ingredients. But standing in her way is an evil lord determined to marry her, a jealous witch who sees her as a rival and perverted wizards and heroes.


Nommy Bits:


  • A tasty mix of dungeon-crawling gameplay and gorgeous JRPG storytelling.
  • Hunt for the lengendary ingredients in dungeons that change shape every time you enter!
  • Use ingredients to make curry on the move and use it to power yourself up!
  • Feel Kuu, your magical sidekick and earn new abilities that will help you progress.
  • Over 100 hours of gameplay awaits you!




Sorcery Saga Curse of the Great Curry God tells the tale of a young aspiring sorceress named Pupuru, who is on a quest to save her friend’s curry restaurant from the big bad curry chain that has moved in. With the help (or not so much help) of a cast of wacky and strange characters including the grumpy, but lovable creature, Kuu, Pupuru’s quest to find ingredients to make the legendary curry becomes a delectable adventure fun for just about anyone!


A Rogue-Like Roux-galicious Good Time


Despite its seemingly innocent storyline, what makes Sorcery Saga special is that it's a “rogue-like” dungeon crawler. By definition, rogue-like gameplay give players permanent consequences for failing or dying. In Sorcery Saga, this means that once a player falls in a dungeon, the items they possess and the levels they have accrued through the game are all gone.


Players will be able to continue with the storyline, but will need to re-acquire lost items and levels. Players will need to determine their strategy before they enter a dungeon because even saving won’t help them. Luckily, Sorcery Saga offers a couple of ways to mitigate this such as whipping up some delicious curry to obtain a power boost or having Kuu get the player out of a sticky situation.

Bring On the Curry-ragous Characters


Sorcery Saga is filled with a host of wacky and lovable characters. Kuu, Pupuru’s brave but grumpy companion, journeys with the player into dungeons where he can assist in times of need. He not only helps battle the strange, sometimes appetizing critters that come out of the woodwork, but if the player falls in a dungeon and Kuu is still alive, it will allow them to keep their equipped items.


Along with Kuu, Pupuru is joined by Puni, a servant of the curry god and all around non-committal type. Puni tags along with Pupuru and Kuu on their quest, in hopes of finding the curry god himself.


More Features:


  • Dungeons Galore – Load up on items, learn a few spells, and traipse off into the many dungeons of the world Go toe-to-toe with a whole menagerie of weird and wondrous creatures, each with their own unique weapons and skills
  • A Cast of Crazy Characters – From the mysterious and non-committal Puni and her Puni-radar and the irritatingly gluttonous Kuu, to the uber-creepy evil lord Gigadis, everyone you encounter will be different in their own special way
  • Behold the Power of Curry – Need a quick boost to help you conquer even the most challenging of dungeons If you have the recipes and ingredients, you can make delicious, stat-boosting curry in any dungeon
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Warranty Information

Official Manufacturer's warranty, valid worldwide. This item has a barcode (EAN) of 5060102954088 and is certified PCSB 00429 2954088 (PAL Australia) and is rated M. Genuine Australian PAL version, for use worldwide. Picture of exact item, supplied brand new, factory-sealed. (Authenticated Australian First Edition Press )
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