Sirui L-10 Tilt Head + 6 Year Australian warranty (for ALL Monopods or Tripods: Sturdy, Super-Light Aluminium Alloy)

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  • Sirui L-10 Tilt Head + 6 Year Australian warranty (for ALL Monopods or Tripods: Sturdy, Super-Light Aluminium Alloy)
  • Sirui L-10 Tilt Head + 6 Year Australian warranty (for ALL Monopods or Tripods: Sturdy, Super-Light Aluminium Alloy)
  • Sirui L-10 Tilt Head + 6 Year Australian warranty (for ALL Monopods or Tripods: Sturdy, Super-Light Aluminium Alloy)
  • Sirui L-10 Tilt Head + 6 Year Australian warranty (for ALL Monopods or Tripods: Sturdy, Super-Light Aluminium Alloy)
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Buy from Australian Authorised Dealer: Selling Out Soon! Because Selling Out Soon is authorised to sell this official Australian Sirui stock, you're getting the real Sirui product here. Be absolutely sure of the true Sirui experience and that you're getting what you pay for. You'll also have the peace of mind of Sirui's full 6 year Australian warranty from Selling Out Soon, so in the odd event of any technical or fault issues, you'll receive first class help immediately - here in Sydney, not overseas! 

  • Get genuine Australian stock with the full Sirui 6 year Australian warranty! (Because only official Australian Sirui product comes with the Australian 6 year warranty)
  • Light Weight yet sturdy Aluminium Alloy Build
  • Quick Release plate included
  • Sirui Custom Fitted Case included (padded)
  • Sent safely and reliably from Sydney

Quick Overview: 

The Sirui L-10 Monopod Tilt Head is designed specifically for use with Sirui P Series monopods. It has a quick-release base that's compatible with Arca-style plates for convenience, and calibrated markings showing the tilt of the head, from 0 to 90 degrees. A built-in bubble level helps you keep everything on the level. This lightweight head weighs just 11.6 oz and supports up to 15Kg (33 lb). A quick-release plate is included, as is a rather lovely Sirui custom-fitted case.

Product Highlights

  • Australian 6 year warranty
  • Arca-Compatible Quick-Release Base
  • Weighs Only 330 grams! (11.6 oz)
  • Supports Up to a hefty 15 Kg (33 lb)
  • Monopod tilt head
  • Tilts a full 90° with calibrated markings on the head
  • Built-in bubble level so you get it right the first time
  • Quick-release base for quick easy shooting  

Tilt heads are a perfect solution for levelling the camera, and are especially effective as a partner to a monopod. The head can be tilted by 90 in two directions, with an etched scale to help with positioning. A built-in spirit level helps with camera alignment.

SIRUI has become renowned for showcasing their engineering craftsmanship. Two well-refined examples are the L-10 and L-20 tilt heads, both of which perfectly display Sirui's forged aluminium alloy, accurate CNC milling, and world-leading surface finish.

The incredible build quality, and attention to detail make these heads suitable for professional photographers and enthusiasts alike.

Both models feature and Arca-style quick release plate, making them compatible with a wide range of plates and easy to integrate into your system. With this sliding plate arrangement is also a Safety Lock system, preventing any accidental slippage of the plate. The precise workmanship of all of the controls enables particularly smooth and effective locking and unlocking of the individual components of SIRUI L series tilt heads.

Newer to the range, the L-20S adds the feature of a 360 degree panning base, complete with etched scale in 5 degree increments, making it easy to accurately set, and to capture a series of images for panoramic photography. 

- Weight: 0.33kg
- Load Capacity: 15kg
- Height: 87mm 

  • Quick and easy operation of the controls
  • Spirit level for perfect alignment
  • Safety Lock - prevents slipping of the plate
  • Sliding Stopper - prevents the equipment slipping from the vertical position
  • EXTRA VALUE: Quick Release Plate TY-60 and Neoprene transport bag are included 



"This is a fantastic monopod head. It is by far the best I have used. I use it primarily for birds. You can set the tension to suit your lens weight. An excellent addition to my photography kit. Highly recommend."

Verified Buyer Review

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Load Capacity 33 lb (15 kg)
Height 3.1" (7.9 cm)
Tripod Mount Thread Size 3/8"
Diameter 1.69" (4.3 cm)
Weight 11.6 oz (330 g)


Packaging Info
Package Weight 0.44Kg (0.97 lb)
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 13.46 x 11.94 x 7.62cm
(5.3 x 4.7 x 3.0")


More Verified Buyer Reviews:


Great Monopod Head

"This monopod head is heavy duty, well made and having the Arca mount makes it compatible with all my other equipment. I use this with a Canon 100-400L lens which is pretty heavy and feel confident that it can handle the load!"

Verified Buyer Review 


Excellent Monopod Tilt Head

"I use this on a heavy duty monopod and it is sturdy and will hold the heaviest of my lenses which is a 50-500mm. Very easy to detach from my camera body and it is very smooth moving it up and down. 

The only con I believe is that I didn't find this sooner!! :)"

Verified Buyer Review




"Smooth and well built. Very sturdy"

Verified Buyer Review



Great monopod head!

"Like others have mentioned, this head is intended to support a camera and lens by the lens foot, not the camera! It allows easy panning while being able to tilt a little when needed. Works much better than a ball head for this type of shooting (ie motorsports). I have used this with Nikon 200-400, 300/2.8, 70-200/2.8 and a Sigma 150-600 Sport. It's well made, smooth, and overall a lot nicer than I expected. Very happy with it."

Verified Buyer Review

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Warranty Information

This is official product complete with 6 years manufacturer's Australian Warranty. Here at Selling Out Soon, you will NOT need to send your item back overseas if there is a problem, warranty claims are handled in Australia. If you have bought this product from overseas, OR from any seller in Australia other than, no spare parts are available, and no warranty claims are valid in Australia. The warranty on this product is supported on official Australian product only, so rest assured that with Selling Out Soon, you're buying through the correct Australian channel for Sirui's full 6 Year Australian warranty.
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