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Sirui ET-2004 Kit: Super-light Alloy Travel Tripod + E20 Ballhead + 6 Year Australian warranty

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  • Sirui ET-2004 Kit: Super-light Alloy Travel Tripod + E20  Ballhead + 6 Year Australian warranty
  • Sirui ET-2004 Kit: Super-light Alloy Travel Tripod + E20  Ballhead + 6 Year Australian warranty
  • Sirui ET-2004 Kit: Super-light Alloy Travel Tripod + E20  Ballhead + 6 Year Australian warranty
  • Sirui ET-2004 Kit: Super-light Alloy Travel Tripod + E20  Ballhead + 6 Year Australian warranty
  • Sirui ET-2004 Kit: Super-light Alloy Travel Tripod + E20  Ballhead + 6 Year Australian warranty
  • Sirui ET-2004 Kit: Super-light Alloy Travel Tripod + E20  Ballhead + 6 Year Australian warranty
  • Sirui ET-2004 Kit: Super-light Alloy Travel Tripod + E20  Ballhead + 6 Year Australian warranty
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Buy from Australia's only authorised dealer!

Because only Selling Out Soon is authorised to sell this official Australian Sirui stock, you're getting the real Sirui product here. Be absolutely sure of the true Sirui experience and that you're getting what you pay for. Because ours are not those very good-looking (but illegal and generally useless) fakes. You'll also have the peace of mind of Sirui's full 6 year Australian warranty, only from Selling Out Soon, so in the odd event of any technical or fault issues, you'll receive first class help immediately - here in Sydney, not overseas!


  • Buy Brand New from Sirui's only authorised dealer in Australia & New Zealand for this amazing kit
  • Genuine Australian stock
  • Beautiful Sirui Custom Fitted Case included (padded)
  • Only our official product comes complete with the full Sirui 6 year Australian warranty!
  • Light Weight yet super-durable
  • Sturdy Aluminium Alloy Build
  • Sent safely and reliably from Sydney



Love this

"No issues whatsoever with the tripod - Love the ball head. Tension on all knobs is very precise and adjusts and holds very small incremental adjustments. Shooting a 5D Mark III and 70-200 2.8 in vertical is rock solid. The foot adjustment is also a very fine thread that allowed me to slowly extend the spike for grip and still use the rubber foot for stability on slippery wet seaweed covered rocks. There is a small learning curve on ball head placement when the tripod is folded to eliminate the knobs from contacting and rubbing the legs. You want to be sure the legs contact the rubber bumper, rather than rest on a knob. The bag is well padded."

Verified External Buyer Review

All our reviews are Verified Buyers. See more External Verified Buyer Reviews


In the Box:

Sirui ET-2004 Aluminum Tripod with bubble level, and E-20 Ball Head

  • E-20 Ball Head
  • TY-50E Quick Release Plate
  • Short Centre Column
  • Beautifully-fitted Custom Padded Case
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Adjustment Tool
  • 6 Year Official Australian warranty, only from Selling Out Soon
  • See full specs below



The ET-2004 Aluminium Tripod with E-20 Ball Head from Sirui is a 4-section Aluminium tripod with a matched ball head and quick release plate included. 

With the centre column extended, the tripod's maximum height reaches to 1.4 metres (55")!

The tripod weighs just 1.4 Kg (3.0 lb) and provides ample support at a super-light weight which makes it ideal for travel. An included short centre column allows for changeover to shoot macro or from low angles. Also, the centre column can be inverted to shoot from under the tripod.

The 4-section legs feature flip locks for easy adjustment and each leg can be independently placed at three position angles and automatically lock in place for secure shooting, even on uneven ground. The legs on the ET-1004 fold up 180º for compact storage and transport; its folded length is just 42cm (16.5"). The tripod's rugged spider is made from forged Aluminium alloy for strength, using the very latest technology, and the alloy legs too are designed for stability, performance and longevity.

To make this kit, an E-10 ball head plus quick-release plate are supplied with the ET-1004 tripod. The ball head provides separate adjustment knobs for panning and locking, the locking knob made of metal with a solid grip and wear-resistant surface. The E-10 ball head's locking mechanism can support up to 18.14Kg (40 lb) and is built for smooth, vibration-free movement.

A bubble-level is also included for fast and accurate alignment. 


Product Specifications:  

Maximum Height 145 cm (57.1")
Maximum Height w/o Column Extended 121.5 cm (47.8")
Minimum Height 135 cm (5.3")
Folded Length 43 cm (16.9")
Load Capacity 12 kg (26.5 lb)
Material Aluminium Alloy
Leg Sections 4
Leg Lock Type Flip-lock
Independent Leg Spread Yes
centre Column Sections 1
centre Column Type Rapid
centre Brace No
Spiked Feet No
Head Type Ball Head
Head Attachment Fitting 2.54cm to 7.62cm Screw (1/4"-3/8")
Weight 1.6 Kg (3.5 lb)


Packaging Info:

Package Weight 2.52Kg (5.55 lb)
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 52.3 x 14 x 9.15cm (20.6 x 5.5 x 3.6")


More External Verified Reviews:

By Bryan
"I compared this with most all other tripod leg/head combinations with similar features and this appeared to be the much better deal for the price, so I took what I thought was a risk in purchasing this Sirui unit. Wow, I am impressed! This is replacing my old Promaster so it's been a while since I seriously looked at tripods. The Promaster is a warhorse of a tripod that I still punish in the ocean, so that is the only action this unit hasn't seen yet. Everything about this oozes quality. The retractable spiked feet are also VERY nice and top quality. The head is rock solid too and very smooth, with both the controls and panning. The price was not my only criteria but there are other brands almost twice this price for the features. It is also very stable, even fully extended. So if you are looking for an Arca-Swiss compatible head with a great weight capacity, retractable spiked feet, flip-lock levers, two padded legs, compact design, center column ballast hook and a beautiful padded case, then look no further!"



Top quality, robust system


By Alfredo


"Purchasing a tripod is not easy, especially since there are countless brands and models to choose from. I did a thorough research and found that most sites only suggest the popular brands. This brand is not very popular, and I think it's because many people seem to be discouraged to buy Chinese products due to quality concerns. This is not the case. Don't get discouraged by the low count of customers and reviews of this tripod, because it is exceptional.Before purchasing a pretty good $+ Manfrotto tripod (very similar to this ET-2004), I had the chance to get my hands on this exact Sirui tripod, and was immediately hooked. I found that the quality slightly exceeds the Manfrotto tripods on the $-$ range.The tripod has an exceptional build. The adjustment knobs rotate smoothly and are perfectly fit into the screws and tubes, so you notice absolutely no looseness. You get a great feel when adjusting the different knobs on the ball head and moving its parts. When releasing the knob for the rotating mechanism, the parts remain smoothly fit so you can rotate the head in a sort of gliding continuous motion, avoiding erratic sudden movements, which is very pleasant when using a tripod.The tripod is sturdy and stands surprisingly firm. For added stability, you can hang your camera bag from the hook on the center column, which is a nice feature most tripods of this class have. When using it outdoors, you can rotate the rubber feet and you extend the metal spikes which help stabilizing it on soft surfaces. Again, this spike mechanism is wonderfully snug and smooth with no looseness on the rubber feet.The legs are easy to adjust, and provide three different angles, with the widest being flat on the floor. For this low configuration, a short center column is also provided to position the camera at the lowest possible height for Macro Photography. The short tube comes inside a nice dedicated black SIRUI pouch with closing lanyard. Bear in mind that if you're looking for more height, this short center column can also be screwed on top of the longer center column to increase the maximum tripod height which may come in handy.To adjust the included quick release plate to your camera you can unfold the metallic petal below the plate, and rotate it to tighten the screw into the camera's bottom. It is not very easy to get a firm hold on the petal because it lies slightly deep inside the bottom of the plate, especially if you have thick fingers. Fortunately, it also has a coin groove and the Allen key hole, so tightening is really no issue (Allen keys are included, see below). if you forget to tighten the plate+camera on the ball head, the plate has a mechanism to avoid it from sliding off the head protecting your camera from falling accidentally. To fully release the plate from the head you press the quick release button to override this mechanism. Other generic QR plates can be attached, so there's no "brand exclusiveness" with Sirui, which is not common on the popular brands.The nylon bag is very resistant and has a has a large strong central zipper. The bag walls are padded and it has both outer and inner zipper pockets to store the manuals and allen keys. You can use the included strap both for carrying the bag with the tripod inside, or just to carry the tripod, and it's pretty comfortable both ways.It comes with a small plastic bag including 3 instruction manuals (written in perfect english) for the strap, ball head and tripod. The manuals are wonderful to read since they are really short and explain everything you need to know about your product with clear images. Read before using it, as they have a couple of helpful tips. Along with the manuals come the 4 adjustment Allen keys, one pair for each of the 2 sizes needed.Being the aluminium version, it's not as light as the carbon fiber ET-2204. But compared with other brands' aluminum tripods it is generally lighter, and for the remarkable load capacity of 26.5 lbs, it's hard to find a tripod weighing under 5 lbs.This tripod lacks the 90 rotating center arm feature present in other slightly pricier tripods of other brands. I don't need this feature at all, so I can't really give any helpful advice on this, sorry!Based on my experience, this tripod is comparable to a $- tripod, making it really competitive in price. I highly recommend that if you are undecided between this and a popular brand tripod, try seeing both at a store or renting them if possible, to get the feel and judge for yourself hands-on.5 stars."


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Warranty Information

This is official product complete with 6 years manufacturer's Australian Warranty. With our product, you will NOT need to send your item back overseas if there is a problem, warranty claims are handled in Australia. If you have bought this product from overseas, OR from any seller in Australia other than, no spare parts are available, and no warranty claims are valid in Australia. The warranty on this product is supported on official Australian product only, such as this, because you are purchasing through the authorised Australian channel for Sirui.
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