Silent Hill Book of Memories (PS Vita) Very Rare PAL Version

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  • Brand new (First Edition PAL)
  • Officially distributed product direct from licencee in Australia
  • Very Rare PAL Version
  • Highly collectable (authenticated First Edition Press PCSB 00115 Model 7065396)
  • LOW STOCK -- procure this official PAL version before it sells out forever
  • Delivered from Sydney 

Your PS Vita console is region free, so this game will play in any region you are in. The game cards are region-encoded but not region-restricted. The DLC & online passes are region-encoded and region-restricted. The restrictions are based on your account's region, the console itself is region-free



Join a team of players to brave the horrors in the Silent Hill Universe. For the first time in the franchise's history, the game focuses more on cooperative gaming than on psychological horror. Gamers are given the choice to customize their own character. Connection is the key, when players carve their own path to survival, they are not only to feel comradeliness with their teammates but feel the chilly atmosphere of their environments. The players get super hero-like powers, simply satisfy a set of requirements to win points to fill up the gauges. Once it's full, lash out at the ghouls surrounding them.



The first multiplayer game in the series, Silent Hill Book of Memories is a ‘dungeon crawler’ style survival horror game with RPG elements, set in the Silent Hill universe, using the PS Vita’s unique touch controls.

Each night your personalised character enters a nightmare world, made up of a series of corridors and rooms, filled with monsters - some familiar, some new - special items, missions and traps. SHBOM offers multiplayer co-op play, where up to 4 players can join in.


  • Uses PS Vita’s unique touch screen controls.

  • Totally new way of experiencing the world of Silent Hill.

  • Play with up to 4 people online.

  • Features both new and classic monsters from previous Silent Hill games.

  • Customise your character’s look and personality.
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Warranty Information

Standard manufacturer's warranty, valid worldwide. This item has a barcode (EAN) of 4012927065396 and is certified PCSB 00115 7065396 (PAL) complying with relevant Australian legislation for use in Australia and is rated MA15+ Restricted with appropriate stickering. Picture indicative only, final artwork may be subject to change. Item supplied brand new, unsealed. PAL version, for use worldwide.
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