Retro SNES Controller (Compatible with Super Retro Trio console, and Super Nintendo / Super Famicom)

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  • New SNES compatible controller
  • Made specifically for Super Nintendo (SNES) for AU, UK, NZ and Super Famicom (Japan)
  • Authentic Cirka product
  • Picture is of actual item
  • Sent from Sydney, Australia
  • Compatible with our Super Retro Trio Console!


Item Overview: 

Play multiple players simultaneously. Whether your original controllers are lost or broken, if you want something to use while you preserve your original controllers, or you just need a spare, this good quality SNES compatible controller makes a great addition to your gaming console.

Please note: This item has been engineered to exacting standards to provide excellent compatibility. While we are not aware of any consoles that are incompatible, it is remotely possible that a tiny percentage of consoles may be incompatible, therefore we hereby disclaim any representation that this game pad will categorically work on all SNES or Super Famicom consoles ever made. Product picture is of actual item. Physical product colour representation may vary due to manufacturing tolerances et al. We supply authentic branded products only, and guarantee this product not to be an unbranded replica, but the CIRKA European Edition for PAL territories such as Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

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Warranty Information

This item is guaranteed to be made for the genuine PAL console for use in Australia, not an NTSC version made for the USA. Being a new European-imported item, a Standard BTB Warranty is provided, full documentation and warranty information inside box. BTB warranty means back to base, which is overseas for the duration of the Manufacturer's Warranty (written warranty in box from manufacturer) and you are also covered for the first 90 days in Australia, in addition, which is called the Express Warranty in accordance with Australian Consumer Law. Service claims outside of the Express Warranty period may be made through our RMA system, at a fixed cost, which may be updated from time to time.
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