PS2 Multitap (AUS STANDARD) Sony PlayStation 2

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  • New SLIMLINE Design
  • Multitap for SONY Playstation 2
  • RRP is $79.95, so grab a bargain!

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  • 1 New Multitap 
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The multitap is Sony's official name for the multi-player adapter which allows you to play up to 5 players on a game simultaneously (up to 8 if you have 2 multitaps).


It's a load of fun for parties because more people are playing and less people are just left sitting around watching...and can be used easily by kids and adults alike.

" there's no more fighting over who's playing - because with your multitap, everybody is!"

The best multiplayer games tend to be sports (Fifa Soccer), racing (V8 Supercars), shooters and kids games (Crash Team Racing), but there are heaps out there. The back of the game box will tell you whether the game is 'Multitap-compatible'.

BUYER REVIEW - "What's it done for me?"

"Well...since I got one of these, I always look for times when I can play together with other people, rather than just making it a 'me' thing. It's changed the way I play! Which is becoming even more important the busier I seem to get. I'd rather spend time with friends than on my own, but I still like playing I do both, at the same time...

And it's now a whole lot more fun playing even my old games that I used to be bored of. I like to think of it like a game of any type of sport. I guarantee, even with the best soccer player in the world, 80,000 people wouldn't turn up week after week to watch him play by himself. The fun is in the interaction of the teams, the possibility that anything could happen, the energy of the crowd, and the excitement of having more people playing. This may not be the best example, but you just wait until you get makes your old games better, and your new games last longer!"

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