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Novoflex SL/EOS Adapter - Canon EOS Lens to Leica SL Cameras

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Novoflex SL/EOS Adapter - Canon EOS Lens to Leica SL Cameras

Use your Canon EF lenses on your Leica SL camera with this Electronic Adapter from Novoflex. Featuring electronic contacts, this adapter is able to support various features, such as autofocus and aperture control, that would normally be unavailable. Autofocus works using the AFs mode and aperture can now be controlled through the camera body. This also allows for auto exposure modes. The adapter transmits focal distance and aperture EXIF data, has an AF/MF mode, and supports autofocus, aperture control, and depth of field indication but not image stabilization.

This adapter is designed to work with Leica SL cameras updated to firmware version 2.0.


  • Canon EF Lens to Leica L-Mount Camera
  • Designed for Leica SL Mirrorless Camera
  • Enables Autofocus in AF-S Mode for most lenses
  • Control Aperture from Camera Body
  • Auto Exposure Modes are Supported
  • Compatible with AF/MF Mode
  • Depth of Field Values Shown on Camera
  • Transfers Exif Data to Camera

Please also note, that users cannot expect their lenses to work as fast as they would with a Canon EOS-camera. This adapter only supports single autofocus, no continuous autofocus , so this is not recommended for sports or wildlife photography.

 Download the list of compatible lenses

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