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Novoflex NEX-RETRO Lens Reversing Unit for Sony E-mount. Availability 7 to 14 days.

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Novoflex NEX-RETRO Lens Reversing Unit for Sony E-mount. Availability 7 to 14 days.

The Novoflex NEX-RETRO reversing unit opens up a whole new world of extreme close up photography.
The NEX-RETRO lets you mount your existing lens in a reverse position on the camera and at the same time retain all the control functions as if the lens was fitted normally.
The reverse adapter can be used for all focal lengths and zoom lenses as well as for APS-C lenses.

In retro position with a focal length of 45 mm an image scale of 2:1can be reached by direct use of the adapter and a zoom lens of 18 – 105 mm. Even bigger image scales can be achieved by using bellows.

Of course the NEX-RETRO can be mounted to our universal bellows units of the BALPRO- and CASTBAL series to form a full fledged automatic bellows for the Sony E-Mount system.
The adapter comes complete with a High-Quality 58mm protection filter which is "Made in Germany", to protect the the sensitive rear lens element against dust and damage.

The NOVOFLEX RETRO-Adapters are supplied standard with a 58 mm filter diameter. Stepping rings are available for other filter sizes.


Size                           :  75mm
Weight                       :  160mm
Maximum Extension    :  550mm 

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