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Novoflex NEX/EOS Adapter - Manual Canon EF mount Lenses to Sony E-Mount Cameras

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Novoflex NEX/EOS Adapter - Manual Canon EF mount Lenses to Sony E-Mount Cameras. Suits APS-C & Full Frame Cameras.

This adapter is designed for EF mount lenses that utilize their own aperture control ring such as Canon EF Cine-Objektive, Zeiss Compact Prime-Objektive, Samyang, etc.

Please note this is a totally mechanical adapter version. With original Canon EF-lenses aperture control and autofocus are not possible as there is no electronic communication between lens and body. The camera's EXIF data will also not show any lens setting information.

Selling Outs Soon's etensive range of Novoflex NEX lens adapters are suitable for both E-Mount cameras with APS-C & Full Frame sensors.

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