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NiSi 82mm Round 4 Stop Graduated ND Filter

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NiSi 82mm Round 4 Stop Graduated ND Filter (GND16 1.2)

  • Nano coating
  • Optical glass (H-K9L)
  • Low color cast
  • Ultra low reflection
  • High definition

Graduated Neutral Density Filter (GND Filter) are used to help bring overly-bright parts of a scene into the dynamic range of film or sensor, such as the sky in a landscape scene. They are graduated from clear to dark so that the effect is subtle.

The NiSi 82mm 4 Stop (GND16 1.2) Graduated Neutral Density Filter is nano coated and made from H-K9L environmental friendly optical clear glass to ensure sharp and neutral images. A protective coating protects the filter from dust and water and makes them easy to clean. 

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