Kromaia Ω (PS4) Rare PAL Version

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  • Kromaia Ω (PS4) Rare PAL Version
  • Kromaia Ω (PS4) Rare PAL Version
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  • Genuine Day One release
  • Official PAL stock through licenced distribution (not a grey import)
  • This PS4 game works in all regions, worldwide
  • Rarity status: building momentum, becoming difficult to find new PAL stock in Australia
  • Expected to increase in value over time due to very short production run
  • Delivered from Sydney 


Kromaia Ω sends classic coin-op shooting action hurtling into a new dimension, allowing players to explore huge 3D worlds full of things to blow up! The frantic old-school action of classic coin-op shoot-‘em-ups comes crashing headlong into the 21st century with explosive high-octane blasting combined with hordes of enemies in a 360˚ environment – fly, spin and shoot anywhere and everywhere! Set in three-dimensional space, Kromaia Ω offers players complete freedom to explore, dodge and blast hordes of enemies all intent on destroying you! With your objectives spread out in all directions, it’s a true test of high-speed flying and sharpshooting skill – only the greatest space pilots need apply! True 360˚.



  • Experience one of the fastest and most agile gameplays to date. 
  • Interact with hundreds of physical objects, like asteroids, structures and devices, and fight dozens of enemies at once. 
  • Believable and destructible world with its own rules and physic laws. 
  • Harder, Stronger, Faster : the better you do, the tougher things get; adaptive AI adjusts to your abilities, ensuring you’ll always face a true challenge! 
  • Different selectable ships with unique weapons and capabilities including a new exclusive ship for the PS4! 
  • Multiple playing modes: Story, Score Attack and new Pure Mode. 
  • Online Leaderboards. 
  • Mix & Match your ship and weapons. 
  • Local co-op – one player flies, the other shoots! 
  • Stunningly beautiful -- both shoot-‘em-up newcomers and long-time fans of the genre will love Kromaia Ω.




PSN Stores 4.5 out of 5 Stars (download review only)  

Amazon: 4 of 5

Metascore: 68





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Warranty Information

Manufacturer's warranty, valid worldwide. This item is certified (PAL) complying with relevant Australian legislation for use in Australia. Picture is of actual item. Item supplied brand new and sealed. PAL version is for use within PAL territories (UK/AU/NZ) but works worldwide.
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Additional Information

1-2 players
Save Size (memory):
125MB minimum
HD Video Output:
Seal Type:
Shrinkwrap PVA
Australian Homologation:
PAL inclusive
Official (Australia)
Rarity Status:
Building momentum
DUALSHOCK 4 Vibration Function:
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