Imagine: Fashion World 3D (Nintendo 3DS 2DS 3DSXL n3DS)

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  • Brand new and factory-sealed 
  • Genuine PAL version (Australia, NZ and UK and other PAL territories only, not Canada or USA)
  • Authentic, rare Australian stock
  • Original retail packaging, with official Australian warranty, valid worldwide
  • Delivered from Sydney


Become renowned in the fashion world, for becoming either the trendiest designer, the most glamorous top model or the best mall manager! Develop your own social network, whilst unleashing your creativity and your sense for fashion.


  • Make a name for yourself through 3 different fashion careers:-

    - Fashion Designer: Create your own brand and original outfits, organise fashion shows, design your own logo and build up your fashion brand.
    - Super Model: Do different poses for photo shoots, keep in shape for castings, set the catwalks on fire. Sign autographs for your fans and take part in trendy Fashion Weeks. 
    - Retail Mall Manager: Arrange your stores and decorate your mall, promote the trendiest brands, accessories and cosmetics in your store windows. Attract new customers with animations, open new stores featuring clothes and accessories abroad. Manage your own budget to make a profit. Over-see the beauty salon at the mall and introduce new make-up.

  • Keep up with Fashion Trends 
  • Follow the ultimate fashion trends

  • Manage your social life thanks to your electronic digital assistant 

  • Customise your fantastic loft in Fashion city 

Stay Connected:

  • Link with Imagine Town using codes to get exclusive clothes, accessories and furniture for your private room in the MMO – 3 Game to Web codes to unlock 1 dress, 1 dressing table & 1 dummy.

  • And 3 Web to Game codes for an exclusive character, an outfit and an artwork.

  • Streetpass feature includes 1 shop background, 1 exclusive mission and 1 new artwork.

  • SpotPass feature – receive a fashion newsletter that gives you tips and trends about winter fashion, 2 gifts linked with the season (a coat and pair of boots) and a new quiz.

  • Wireless connection lets you play a catwalk mini-game with a friend!

  • 1 exclusive DLC (downloadable content) included, providing you with:
    - A new character (Jane) with 6 exciting missions, a rock background, and festival clothes 
    - Winter clothes to enhance your wardrobe
    - Items for the mall and flat decorations 
    - New make-up and haircuts available




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Warranty Information

Full Australian warranty inside box, valid worldwide. Please note this is the PAL version (Australia, NZ, UK and other PAL regions). Works on all (PAL version, AU/UK/NZ) models of 2DS, 3DS, XL, n3DS but will NOT work on consoles made for USA/Canada and/or other incompatible territories.
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