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Fake Christmas In May!

Fake Christmas In May!

Fake Christmas in May saves you big $$$

We're doing a serious redesign of our backend processes (and some pretty bits too) which means nothing for PHOTOGRAPHIC GEAR (which ships as normal, in fact 99% of our photography gear dispatches next business day, or sooner!), but for everything else, please add two weeks to delivery time.

Whilst technically our office will be closed until 29th May, meaning we're not getting emails, this won't stop us sending most photography gear out on time, but since delivery times will suffer a little for everything else, we thought we should give you a GIANT SALE....

So why not have a Fake Christmas in May to Celebrate The Savings? Whether or not you're religious, you can get a superb camera lens, games, software, cool collectables, high quality photographic accessories and more, at amazing prices...right now, because it's Fake Christmas In May!

  • $7 Million Worth of industry-leading brands (all authorised stock)
  • Last Chance to get many items
  • Unique Deals -- at up to 85% off RRP 

Use Code FCM15 to get an additional 15% Off Most Categories*
- while stocks last!

Secure yourself your deal of the year. Whether you need the perfect retro gift for the someone special, fun for kids, or something slightly indulgent for yourself to redress the incessant mess of stress you've dutifully dealt with all year...we're here to help you get there, with deals you won't find anywhere else. But don't over-think it, just have some fun in the process :) and live a little...

* Most photographic categories are excluded from the extra 15% off, as we're usually already the lowest price in the world for most items


  • Photographic = super-fast dispatch
  • Software, games, and everything else = add two weeks!