Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires (PS4) Australian Version

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  • Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires (PS4) Australian Version
  • Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires (PS4) Australian Version
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Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires game for Sony PS4

  • Brand new and factory-sealed (original Y-fold and Sony-branded strip seal)
  • Authentic Australian stock 
  • This PS4 game works in all regions, worldwide
  • Sealed in original retail packaging, with official Australian warranty, valid worldwide
  • Delivered from Sydney 

Game Overview:

Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires returns to the Three Kingdoms era of China and portrays a human drama of bravery centred on the fateful decisions of the warriors and the rise and fall of the nations they fight for. Warriors must fight against not only enemies but also the forces of nature as the changing seasons bring new elements to the battlefields affected by the seasons and the passing of time. Be the master of your own destiny as you strengthen your own or leader’s country through domestic and political tasks and by defeating enemy nations as you attempt to unify the land and their fate in a difficult age.





83 playable characters including the addition of Xun Yu.


Customisation: create your own character and for the first time ever customise your mount , army, banners and “normal” officers.


Battlefields: 40 thrilling battlefields with added elements such as time, weather or season and the destruction of building and structures.


Items: collect 498 weapons, 20 tactic types and 200 titles.


Game modes: Empire, conquest, free mode, edit mode and more.


5 difficulty levels: from very easy to very hard.


New strategy elements creating a higher level of dynamic strategic battles. Players can influence the battlefield at a cost to their men; bases can be built and forts can be installed and taken down.


Cross save functionality – Import characters created on Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires.


Multiple endings based on player decisions.



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Warranty Information

Official warranty information sealed inside box, made for Australia, valid worldwide
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