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Shrinkwrap - why isn't every title factory-sealed?

We don't make all the games the same way. It can vary quite a bit. Please note: we can request a build of a game, which could mean you could buy the same game (and even both times from us) a few years from each other, and get a completely different result in terms of how it is sealed and possibly other inclusions, such as compliance stickers, or even DLC. It all depends on what has been negotiated with the publisher of the title. This is probably not something you are familiar with, unless you're used to buying 10,000 of something! Of course, if you want to do that, talk to us :) What won't change are seals like Microsoft's Xbox 360 seal. 

However whether a title is shrinkwrapped may vary... quite considerably. Microsoft does not allow manufacture of games without their seal, but if we're doing a build for a retailer, said retailer may not want shrinkwrap, because it may add unnecessary cost and create waste if they're not going to use it. An item you buy at a special price may have been built for a major retailer. This could be why it could be stickered a certain way, or have no shrinkwrap, in which case it would have been manufactured unsealed. In such a case it isn't missing shrinkwrap, because it wasn't made that way. That's why we're as specific as possible about what is offered and what is not, although some auction sites that we have sold on may populate some fields (pre-formatted information) without the consent of the seller, for the purpose of standardisation. 

This can create unrealistic expectations in buyers, who may feel as though they should get a shrinkwrapped title, when it may never have been offered that way. 

In these cases, simply make sure you're buying from a seller you trust. Selling Out Soon guarantees to describe items accurately, and we go out of our way to provide the correct amount of detail. If you're buying quantity (not even a very large quantity) we can provide shrinkwrapping for you, at warehouse level, even if the title has not originally been supplied sealed, should your customers require it, or even if you just want it that way. Reasonable minimum quantities may apply. Just ask us for a quote,and we'll be happy to help.

31st Mar 2015 Selling Out Soon

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