Artisan & Artist Camera Strap Red Label AC300 (BLACK) Cloth Camera Strap - Black colour

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Artisan & Artist "Red Label" RDS-AC300 Cloth Camera Strap

  • Very rare strap, discontinued at factory level
  • BLACK colour
  • Authentic Australian stock
  • Sent fast from Sydney

The Strap is made of a resilient yet soft cloth tape, and is pleasant to the touch. Because the tape is quite wide, it reduces the strain of carrying the camera. It can be also used for single lens reflex camera.

The strap is made to be narrower by folding the side parts of the strap inwards to feel more comfortable to the hands.

Materials: Acrylic / Leather / Nylon
Made in China
Size: L820-1,480 × W30mm
Termination tape: W10mm
Available colours: Black (this listing) & Red (see other Artisan & Artist Items)

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