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My Spanish Coach (NDS)

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  • My Spanish Coach for Nintendo DS, 3DS, 2DS, 3DS XL
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My Spanish Coach: Learn to Speak Spanish game 

Platform: Nintendo DS (works on all models - see below for details)
Players: 1
Genre: Educational Fun! 

"The most fun & engaging way to learn a language" 



• Official Australian version, but works in any country

Compatible with every model of Nintendo DS, 2DS, 3DS, XL, n3DS, DSi, Lite and newer models, worldwide



Playing My Spanish Coach for 15 to 20 minutes a day is all you need to become fluent in Spanish. This valuable addition to your Nintendo DS library teaches the basics of word use, grammar and construction of phrases through mini-games and evaluates your progress.

You'll get 1,000 interactive lessons designed with qualified Spanish teachers bringing you over 10,000 words and 400 most often used phrases including pronunciation tests using the built-in DS microphone. 

An added feature of the game is the ability to look up words or phrases in English or Spanish by list keyword categories or by your favourites. 



• Basics of word use grammar and construction of phrases through fun and easy-to-play mini-games and evaluates your progress.

• 1,000 interactive lessons designed with Spanish teachers 10,000 words and 400 phrases including pronunciation test using the built-in DS microphone!

• Complete reference book for travel so you can instantly look up words or phrases in English or Spanish by list, keyword, categories or by your favourites, which you can save for future reference.

• 8 touchpad mini-games to sharpen your mastery of the language at your own pace.

• Track your progress with charts showing your performance learning the language, making learning much more fun!

• Simple touch screen interface makes it perfect for anyone of any age.

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Warranty Information

Official Australian stock with manufacturer's warranty. PAL version made for Australia, NZ, UK and works worldwide. Supplied brand new and sealed. Warranty valid worldwide
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