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Forestry 2017 The Simulation (PS4) Rare Australian Version

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  • Forestry 2017 The Simulation (PS4) Rare Australian Version
  • Forestry 2017 The Simulation (PS4) Rare Australian Version
  • Forestry 2017 The Simulation (PS4) Rare Australian Version
  • Forestry 2017 The Simulation (PS4) Rare Australian Version
  • Forestry 2017 The Simulation (PS4) Rare Australian Version
  • Forestry 2017 The Simulation (PS4) Rare Australian Version
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  • Brand new and factory-sealed
  • RARE Authentic Australian version (not an import, no unsightly compliance stickers)
  • Guaranteed First pressing - perfect for Collectors
  • Sealed in true Australian retail packaging with genuine Y-fold factory seal
  • Dispatched from Sydney
  • Very difficult to procure (Australian version) in brand new and factory-sealed condition
  • This game works in all regions, worldwide
  • Genuine Australian warranty, valid worldwide 


Ever wanted to be a lumberjack? As if you have.... But that doesn't mean you can't experience a completely different life - a world away from your own, without having to explain your hipster beard to US Customs when travelling Stateside, or your thick red/black plaid jacket and overalls....while wielding a reasonably hefty axe. Could the axe be more the issue?




Alternatively, enjoy the calming influence of nature, peering upward into the peak of the canopy line with respect and honour. Draw in the beauty, the glorious smell of a pine-wooded forest, nature in all its glory, then cut the bastards down because trees are just wrong. Or at least profitable. Because let's be real here, when you go to a shop to buy groceries, it's hard to pay with wood. I know, I tried, and I got arrested. So tell the environment to go and procreate with itself, with two appendages, sideways, as you let it rip with a chainsaw the size of a small truck. Feel the vibration, be at one with the dirt smeared on your face, grit your teeth as the noise sears through you, swathes of sweat threatening the jaw-like grip you have on a beast with more horsepower than ...horses. Ones with power.



Or, be professional about it, and take on the tasks of a professional woodcutter and experience the unique perspective that nature brings. Work in the woods in 1st and 3rd person mode! Control huge machinery by yourself (harvester, trucks, tractors etc.), fell the trees, arrange the timber and comb through your wood. Sell the wood and the products and earn money to *expand your company.





  • Various realistic woodcutting equipment and machinery
  • Old-Timey hustling with your personal logging horse
  • Upgrade your skills and unlock different STIHL chainsaws
  • Four different types of trees for further processing
  • Choose your incoming orders and adjust the production cycle accordingly
  • Unique Character Levelling System and fully grown worker management
  • An environment designed in detail including accurate day-night-cycle
  • You can be a chainsaw wielding wildebeest, or an *accountant. You choose.




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Warranty Information

Official manufacturer's warranty sealed inside box. Made for Australia, warranty valid worldwide
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